Pizzeria Bianco – Phoenix, AZ

So my last stop before my flight home, I scoured google for places you have to eat in Phoenix and came across this place. People were raving how good this pizza is and ranting on how long the wait is (1-3 hour during dinner) so I thought it was a must-go.

I was wrong. I sat in a little after lunch so it was empty and I had a corner table to myself. Really cool atmosphere and buildings since it was located in the historical Heritage Square. However I didn’t think the pizza was up to par with the hype. I actually find Dominoes better pizza than this. The cheese would often slide off too easily and all I’m left with was a really thin, plain piece of dough.

Don’t get me wrong, pizza is pizza, so of course I demolished it.

Website: www.pizzeriabianco.com
Yelp: www.yelp.com/biz/pizzeria-bianco-phoenix


Snapped by my: Fuji X10

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