Chargers vs Broncos @ Sports Authority Field

Game day morning started on a good note by not having any traffic to the stadium 3 hours before the stadium. Not only that, a bunch of lots were empty!! In SD by 11am, its a sold out parking lot and beers are everywhere.

On the forums, there was a thread for people going to Denver and there was this guy that said would bring the food, we just had to pitch in. Little did we know, this guy was from Chula Vista and good some pretty damn good carne/pork tacos that fed a whole lotta Charger fans! It was pretty cool to meet people that were all there for the same reason half way across the country.

So I tweeted Sharon from the U-T who does a weekly Out & About video for every Charger game home/away. I told her “come to Lot M, 100+ Charger fans!” and within 30 min she showed up with her one-(wo)man filming crew.

I guess we kinda jinxed the Chargers by chanting “3rd STRING JERSEY” to fans wearing Tebow jerseys before the game. Oh how that almost kicked us in the butt. And the rest was history…