SDSU vs Washington St. & KGB Skyshow

Went to my first SDSU Aztecs football game in a while. I remember back in 2000 when I was a senior in high school when our team would roll to the games together when every game was a sell out regardless of sky show or no sky show. Also a good reason to go back in the days was to watch MCHS alumni Ricky Sharpe out there at CB and remember JR Tolver from Mira Mesa, he was a beast.

Aztecs RB Ronnie Hillman is a beast also. He’s the type of running back that doesn’t give up once he gets hit. He manages to put an arm down, pretty much doing a 1 handed bear crawl and catch his balance to run another 30 yards for a TD. AMAZING.

The skyshow was amazing! Probably the best firework show I have ever seen. When the fireworks go off like dominoes around the rim of Qualcomm stadium, it sure feels like Super Bowl firework atmosphere.

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  1. Russell wrote:

    Los muros son buenos pero no son la unica para necesaria para tener una base extraordinaria.