10 Year Reunion

We, the MCHS Sundevils Class of 2001 had  our reunion at the Se Hotel in downtown San Diego party planned by Tk and Taylor. With a graduating class of 700+ we had 150+ people attend which is a large amount for a reunion.

I had friends fly in from Chicago, Dallas, San Fran and talking to about 5 people that flew from NY. It was crazy but most definitely good hearing about classmates successes across the board. Plus a few of the most favored teachers came also. Profe Michel said he always gets reunion invites but this was the 1st one he actually went to because his invite had TK’s name on it.

After the reunion, TK made an announcement that we were having an after party bottle service at the IVY. So most of us moseyed a couple blocks and got the party started. It was like a high school dance but without any damn chaperones, oh and the lights weren’t on.

Who knows maybe we might have yearly reunions? Definitely a night to remember but this was only the start of the weekend…