Savannah, GA

My last leg of my trip I stepped foot in Savannah for a couple of days. First reaction, HOT & HUMID. I realized I haven’t been to the south during this time of season. I arrived to my hotel late in the evening due to stupid Delta flight delays but they bumped me up to a riverfront room. A cool thing about this trip are the cool upgraded rooms I get, unfortunately I don’t have anyone with me to soak in all the perks. Anyways, first thing in the morning I watched tug boats pass along the river and eventually a huge barge came by and gave a huge loud toot on its horn. It must’ve sucked for those people sleeping.

Right off the bat, I felt comfortable in ol’ Savannah. Cool architecture, parks, and most importantly I didn’t feel like I was going to be mugged. It was a cozy little city that prided themselves with their food, their history, and their ghosts. Yes, america’s most haunted city has cool ghost tours. With my time crunch I didn’t get to hop in one of the hearse ghost tours.

At the finish line of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah is a park that was home to their famous fountain that you see on all the brochures and such. This park was really cool and looked like a magical forrest. Definitely has potential to be a fun city for our crew going out there this fall.

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  1. Karen B wrote:

    Great photos as always, Ollie. Forsyth is the best, isn’t it? Did you go to Lady & Sons. You will die for that food. Guaranteed.