Dream Hotel South Beach

Im a sucker for review websites such as yelp to find good restaurants. In this case I ran across tripadvisor.com in the process of staying over in South Beach for a day and one hotel caught our attention, the Dream Hotel South Beach. Rooms silhouetted in blue mood lighting, hallways nicely lit and most important… #3 out of 201 on tripadvisory.com, this had to be good.

This hotel was recently remodeled and once called The Palmer House, that was built along with the art deco era. This hotel resides on Collins St which is parallel to Ocean Blvd. It is about a 5 min walk from the doors of Dream to the waters of the ocean. Collins St is laced with shopping, shopping and more shopping.

The interior room is lit with blue mood lighting. Windows are covered and stay covered. I opened the shade covering the window and there was absolutely nothing pleasing to view other than a wall from the building next door. There is a small chandelier in the corner, the mirror has a light in it, the shower/sink/closet area can be blocked off with heavy auto-closing doors. The shower and closet are beside each other and both have glass doors both lit in blue also. The shower has a direct blue light shinning on the water which makes it feel like you’re showering in a enchanted place. The bed is huge and comfortable!

The service was great and they made you feel very welcomed. I definitely recommend this place and is worth their #3 ranking.