Coco Cay, Bahamas

Our first destination was a small private island called Coco Cay. This island is privately owned by Royal Caribbean and only people aboard our ship could step foot on this island. We boarded tenders to transport us onto land. We first found a spot on one of the busier beaches just because we didn’t know better. All that mattered was that I step foot into the clear teal waters, the whole reason I wanted to cruise the Bahamas. It was like a dream come true.

The forecast all weekend was scattered thunderstorms and every now and then it was drop huge drops of rain and then stop 5 minutes later. It was kinda good it was raining because everyone bailed out of the ocean. To us it was better to be in the water when it rains. Had lunch as our ship supplied a BBQ to everyone but since it was raining there were no protected picnic tables because everyone took shelter. As we found a spot, these ruthless birds that are spoiled by foreigners feeding them food, just attacked Heather and stole one of her ribs right off her plate. If only I had a BB gun, heck, why not just a shot gun.

After lunch we started to walk around the island and noticed a whole other side of the beach that had been not discovered by everyone else as they were so eager to get into the water. This side of the beach had empty beach chairs and the waters were wide open! I just simply sat in the water all afternoon trying to soak up the moment. Every now and then the sun would peak through the clouds and hit the water and turn it into a neon green color. This was the ideal beach you can ever dream of.

After hours of making the beach our home, you can see haze of rain in the distance just get closer and then all of a sudden just ruined the fun and drop buckets of water from the sky. It was time to head back to the boat…

Miles of clear teal waters, silhouettes of palm trees, elegant shapely clouds and warm weather, I just wish I can bring you home.