Rooster – Crepe. Sandwich. Cafe

Last week I was in St Louis for work and I found one of the best breakfast/brunch restaurant/cafe’s on Yelp. Luckily it was close to my hotel that I could make a stop and try out what they had to offer.

In the heart of downtown was this little cafe that has wraps, sandwiches crepes and more. The dining area was very homey and felt very relaxing. All I needed now was a newspaper to read and to be in my pj’s. Everyone on yelp was glorifying their BLT sandwich they had. On the menu it was called the B.E.L.T. The “E” standing for fried EGG! Egg on everything is good but it just depends on how they make it.

I ordered a mimosa to get the party started and the B.E.L.T and a crepe with nutella & strawberries. I warned the host that I wasn’t going to finish all this and I just ordered it to try it. The first thing I bit into was the B.E.L.T. and yes they made the fried egg (over easy) perfect. After the first bite, the yolk was nice and runny. It had nice thick bacon and it was delicious as what everyone said on yelp. It also came with a side of breakfast potatos which are like soft seasoned potato chips. Now for the best part, the crepe. Even though I feel like you can’t really make crepes wrong, this one was amazing as well.

When in St. Louis I would give this place a try, however beware of the weekends, word around town is there is always a line out the door.