Kay’s Graduation K•L•O•L

Spent last Sunday at my sisters graduation at UC Riverside with family. It was the last siblings undergraduate graduation (thank god, i hate big graduation ceremonies). She graduated UCR with a BS in Biology with concentration in Medical Biology. And again, both sisters have finished what I couldn’t do, graduate with a bio major. My status records at SDSU still say pre-bio, but i’m glad the way things have turned out. Momma & daddy are happy and that’s all that matters. Now it’s time for her to take the big leap into dental school. BTW she left to Honduras the day after graduation to clean peoples teeth. That’s how we do.

After graduation we had dinner at the Mission Inn for a delicious buffet. Apparently my sister says LOL a lot so that’s what her posse’s signs are all about. Congrats sister and i’m glad I will have a new roommate back at home. I needed someone to bake me pastries.