Fenway Batting Practice Tour

I couldn’t get enough and on top of the park tour I signed up for the Batting Practice (BP) Tour. It was similar to the park tour but we got to hang out on the field for like 5-10 minutes. A bunch of the Padres were having media time in the dugout. It was most definitely worth it.

After the tour I immediately went back into line to be one of the first to enter the park and head down to the Padres dugout to get even more up close and personal. This is the first time i’ve ever done this and I find it interesting that you learn a lot from a player in their pre-game rituals and/or warmups. For example, Deno if the most most focused, O-Dawg is looked and talkative, Latos on game day you never want to talk to, Bud Black is a jokester, and the list goes on…

Of course they always throw balls out into the fans behind the dugout and it usually ALWAYS goes to the kids. I hate that, I was the kid that grew up with this sport and never had a chance to get any balls in the park from players and it wasn’t my fault I aged. Bud Black even gave his cap straight up to a kid wearing Red Sox gear. This was a very cool experience for me whose been brought up into baseball since t-ball.