Busch Stadium – Cardinals vs Giants

Last week I went to the Cardinals vs Giants game solo. Ever since traveling for work, i’ve decided to check out ever stadium I could so Busch Stadium was on the list. This stadium is fairly new and its built pretty modern with a kinda retro stadium feel. The food is the usual ballpark food and nothing stood out. However they had a whole concession stand dedicated to nachos. Everyone around me had nachos so I figured I’d try it and yes was it delicious. The ushers aren’t really adamant about checking your tickets to make sure you’re in the right seats so I took my $21 tickets (retail $65) and scooted down the to the padded field seats along with the other ticket seat stragglers.

In conclusion, I believe Petco Park is still on top without being bias. Busch has nothing around the stadium and without having a iPhone I would have no idea to catch a beer after the game or have real food. At Petco you can literally take a step outside the park and see bars and restaurants everywhere. Another sucky part about Busch is the amount of time I spent to try to walk around outside the park. Little did I know is that I couldn’t. If I wanted to get from home plate to first base I would have to walk all the way around the park.

All in all, great experience.