1st Annual Seany Foundation Golf Charity Tournament

Pro Skater Willy Santos invited me to join him in a charity golf tournament for the Seany Foundation at the Fairbanks Ranch Country Club. Celebrities that were there were Vincent Jackson, Steve Gregory, and women’s pro golfer Maiya Tanaka from The Golf Channel’s Big Break Sandals.

This private country club opened there doors for us and this was by far the best course i’ve played on. When we got there we hit balls in their driving range. You know when you’re at a nice golf course when they stack your driving balls into a pyramid. Afterwards we had a catered lunch in the back patio. It was delicious.

We were paired up with another four-some at the start which just happened to be the Jackson-Gregory four-some. So we trailed them the whole time and I said what-up every now and then and they weren’t too cool to say hi. Another cool part was have a cooler full of beer and soda along the course. Free cold beer is always a plus.

Maiya Tanaka was at our 3rd hole and played her closest to the pin I which I actually won! Definitely a moral booster. At the dinner reception I asked Steve Gregory for a photo and he was cool about it. What was even more cool was that he stood up to talk to me and not shun me off after the photo. I actually ended the convo because I went blank didn’t know what else to ask him. haha. Cool guy.

So much fun for my first tournament. Sure sets my future tournaments bar pretty high now though.

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  1. Tara R. wrote:

    Great pics and thanks for blogging about our event. Nice to know everyone had a good time out on the green.