Kaminski’s Super Q Food Truck

The highly anticipated Super Q Food Truck stands up to the hype! After word got out about Kaminski’s BBQ’s up and coming BBQ food truck, it spread like a wildfire here at work. Working in Sorrento Valley is a privilege and seems to be the hub of the emergence of the San Diego Food Truck community with almost a food truck in a 1 mile radius every day of the week.

I am a fan of Kaminski’s in Poway and after I heard about their food truck I could only imagine every type of BBQ on a sandwich. In their debut week, their Friday truck stop is in the nearing Qualcomm campuses. They teamed up with Corner Cupcake to bring a great lunch & dessert 1-2 punch.

The Super Q Food Truck has an amazing green vinyl wrap with their Super Q Man across the side. Their windows are slightly tinted hiding their cooks in the back. They take all credit/debit cards as a method of payment. They have a nice and clean set up. This definitely shows they have thoroughly thought out their mobile food creation.

Food Notes:
Recommendations: EVERYTHING
+ “What is one thing I have to get?” AKA “The $ maker”: The Mac & Cheese w/ Brisket Sandwich topped with caramelized onions on a grilled sourdough. This was by far the best thing ever. In the group we went with, if you didnt order it, you found a way to make a trade with someone who did.
+ “Im not that hungry but what should I try?”: Their Sliders – brisket/pork (topped w/ slaw) /chicken (topped w/ caramelized onions)
+ “I need something to go with my sandwich, what should I get?”? – Sweet Potato Fries (comes with a dipping sauce)

Find Them/Social Media:
Twitter: @superqfoodtruck FB: Super Q Truck

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