Trampoline Dodgeball!

Last Saturday Heather and I went to Huntington for her brothers BFF’s dirty thirty birthday bash. What kind of bash was this? The kind where you combine trampolines and dodgeball, therefore TRAMPOLINE DODGEBALL.

The birthday party rented out a whole trampoline ring at Sky High Sports in Costa Mesa. I must say this was one of the most fun and tiring adult extra curricular activity ever. On top of just being there, they had personalized karate kid headbands for everyone. I never knew how tiring jumping on trampolines can be. Both my quads wanted to give up and cramp it was so intense. I highly suggest everyone to have their birthday party here. I had a great time. Little did they know that my baseball/softball lazer throwing arm was made for this extreme sport.

After wards we went to Lamppost Pizza in HB and had some delicious pizza. They had the coolest birthday cake EVER. A cherry ball. Really? Too cool.

PS. Oh yeah, and I found out that Heather has an amazing throwing arm and throwing form. Kinda turned me on. FYI.