Nike Free Run+

I recently became an Eastbay Gold Member. The perks are definitely worth it. It comes with free 3-day shipping or $5 2-day shipping which is a big perk as normally it costs $10+ for 5-day shipping. They have everything any athlete would need and since they are based out of Wisconsin or something there is no tax included.

My first purchase were these Nike Free Run’s. I got the first ever Nike Free’s many years ago and loved them. The reason I bought these is because recently I got some free K-Swiss Blade Runs which are K-Swiss’s light running racer shoe. These felt amazing on my feet on the treadmill and made me realizes I should revert back to Nike Free shoes for running.

When I first put these on they felt great but not amazing. They felt a little stiff on the soles and needed some breaking into. After 5 minutes on the treadmill, these shoes easily broke in and the soles softened up. From then on running on the treadmill hasn’t felt so good in so long. At work we are sponsored by Brooks and got my feet sized up and fitting for a medium support shoe so since then I’ve been wearing shoes with neutral to minimal support shoes.

When running with these, it mimics running with your bare feet but on pillows. When landing on your forward step, the transition from your heel to toe feels so smooth. My feet didn’t have any pain after my run and I highly suggest these shoes. They come in a whole boat load of colors to match your gym bag or head band (i swear i dont do that).

Til next time, just do it.