Father’s Office – F.O.

After the Conan filming, we planned on heading to Culver City to have dinner at Father’s Office. I had no idea what we were getting into. It was located in a small strip mall with all the business’ already closed. It was a long narrow restaurant/bar with many beer taps along the wall. The interior had wood striped ceilings, chalk board menus on the wall, a few flat screen tv’s, led menus from the bar. It was seat your self and order from the bar. I dont think I like the whole order from the bar thing but it does make an easy exit.

They have a very small food menu but little did we know that’s all they needed to fulfill ones cravings. We started out with sweet potato fries and frites which were amazing. Went well with the garlic aioli. Now lets talk about this amazing burger. First the patty was seasoned and very flavorful. The caramelized onions is what did it. It tasted so good I would eat it by itself. One of the things is think will make every burger better is instead of using lettuce, use arugula.

This burger is ranked within my top 5 burgers. Here are some on my list (not in order):  In-N-Out  – Five Guys  – Neighborhood (SD)  – Fathers Office

As I was taking photos inside and was asked not to take photos of the bar from one of the bus boys. So enjoy these photos…