CONAN Ep. 51 “The Asiago Index”

Went to last nights live in studio taping of Conan O’Brien Show at the Warner Bros. Stage 15. It was Conan’s Episode 51 “The Asiago Index”. It was a great experience. After attending Conan’s “Tonight Show” Ep. 11 on NBC, i’ve always wanted to come back. After the Tonight Show was axe’d, it was a long time waiting. And once going on TBS, its been impossible to win the lottery for tickets. Well I got lucky and got tickets for this episode.

We arrived at the Warner Brothers Studios and was 44th in line. There was a whole lot of waiting before actually getting seated in the studio. I felt cattle being herded from the parking gate to the actual studio. We got great seats right dap smack in the middle next to the middle spotlight.

FYI: if you ever get to go to the taping, I highly suggest showing up at the studio first to get a number in line and they go out to eat for lunch and then make it back by 230pm. That will guarantee amazing seats.

I had a great time with good friends, and cant wait to go again.