2011 Padres Fan Fest

After getting stuck in traffic for an hour and 15 min because of the stupid airshow, I finally made it to the ground of Petco Park for the Padres Fan Fest. This was probably one of the coolest sporting experiences. Throughout the day XX1090 has interviews on live radio with a few of the players. I caught the broadcast of both Heath Bell & Matt Latos.

I met up with Joey and walked around the grounds of the stadium, checked out the home dugout, center field, etc. We took the clubhouse tour that allows us to walk the hallways of the locker room. In the hallway to the locker room they have up every opening day roster of the padres. The ones Ive included in this blog are the starting line up of 83′ (9 days before I was born), and the 84′ & 98′ National League Champion Padres. It was cool to see what it’s like from a players point of view.

They had a bunch of cool activities you could do while on the field. The first one we did is throw pitches in the visitors bullpen. 60ft is so deceiving on tv. It’s actually a pretty far distance. However, I still his the strike zone all 3 pitches and the girl handing me the baseball’s said “wow youre good”. Little does she know, 7 years of little league experience sticks with ya.

The second activity we did was catch pop-fly balls in center field. This was also really cool! They had a pitching machine throw baseballs from 3rd base line to the outfield. First off, the grass is so perfectly grown, looks fake, and I just wanted to roll and dive on it. I caught all 3 balls with ease and didn’t look like a fool running around trying to locate the ball. But who can say they caught pop-fly’s in center field at Petco!? I can. Im surprised I didnt get a call from a scout to invite me to Peoria, AZ for spring training.

If you got there early you were able to get a voucher for autograph signings by several Padre players. They only offered it to the first 250 for each signing session. Luckily Joey got there early and got a voucher for the Matt Latos and Tim Stauffer signing in which they both signed my mini Pads helmet. I also got photos of official Pads announcer, Dick Enberg, pitcher, Luke Gregerson, and pitcher, Clay Richards.

This was a real cool event and I was surprised on how many people showed up especially after all the off-season changes. 21,000 Padre fans strong.