Sweet Devilicious Food Truck

Yesterday for lunch we went out for Chris’ birthday. We searched to see what food trucks were in the area and ended up locking in on the Devilicious food truck in front of the DivX building by UTC. Their menu sounded very interesting and delicious. When we showed up we were surprised that along with the Devilicious food truck was the Sweet Treats Truck!

This whole food truck movement from the city of angels has picked up in SD with the Tabe Truck, MIHO, Kalbiq, Flippin Pizza, Devilicious, Sweet Treats and many more. Luckily for me is that at least everyday of the week at least one truck is posted by work for lunch. Not only the menu is the best thing about it but searching for each truck location is like playing “Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?”

The Devilicious truck is the first truck i’ve seen to use the iPhone swipe card payment system. On top of their kindness, their food was delicious. The Sweet Treats Truck put the cherry on top with delicious desserts (red velvet cupcakes, black/white cookies, tiramisu).


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