Sayonara [Siam•Nara]

While a quarter of the company is in Arizona for the RnR Arizona, the party people left behind went out for lunch to a delicious new thai food spot in Mira Mesa called Siam Nara. We have been here a handful of times before and the food is consistently delicious every time. But the best part about this place is the experience. This is the only Thai food spot that you actually get a hint of Thai culture from the decor to the employee clothing to the person in the front that bows their head to you once you walk in. The decor (gold plated flowers, hand painted sauce and tea cups, high booths, wine cubbies) makes you think that it will make up for high entree prices, however you would be wrong. The entree’s are “normal” priced at 7-10$ for a lunch noodle dish.  Cheers to finally a local high-end thai food spot. Siam Nara (Sayonara).