MIHO Gastrotruck: Farm to Street Food Truck

There are 2 food trucks that come to the Sorrento Valley to feed hungry humans. One is Tabe and the other is the MIHO Gastrotruck. Went to the MIHO truck this afternoon for lunch with coworkers. We were lucky enough to be the first there as the line started to get longer as we waited for our food. As we drove back to our office, the food was filling up the car with a delicious scent of food. The first bite was exactly what I expected from seeing photos of their website (mihogastrotruck.com). AMAZING. Across the board was the food amazing. The Grass fed burgers, carnitas tacos, and Belgium fries! So when your in the area Tuesdays or Thursday, go make a visit, it’s definitely worth it.

About MIHO: “MIHO Gastrotruck uses fresh, local, and thoughtfully-sourced ingredients to create hand-crafted street food that is affordable, convenient, and delicious. We truly care about this kind of food, and we hope to share that love with our community. See you on the street…”

ps. sorry for the sub-par photos. my iPhone 3gs was the only thing i had on me.

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