On Set With VeloCenter

So for the whole month of July, our in-studio production of VeloCenter is covering the Tour de France. We’ve upped the quality of production by revamping our set, new jibs, new lighting, new sound proof blocks and with new hosts. We’ve hired Scott Kaplan of the Scott & BR Show! It’s pretty cool hearing Scott on the radio in the morning and then at 930am have him in our studio.

Our CEO of Competitor is the #4 guy of the original production of ESPN so there’s a lot of professional production to be made. From all the sets and shows we’ve done, I must say this is the most intense, rapid speed, smooth flowing, news room like production we’ve had. Video footage and content is constantly being sent to us directly from France. Its really cool to work behind a camera on a well built show.

From start to end I shot photos from yesterdays show to see what it’s like. Yesterday we shot the show in 3 segments and in between them everyone would huddle up and study the highlights and interviews. For 21 days straight we run the same routine.

Check out one of the final pieces up on the web now at competitortv.com

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