Day 1: New Orleans – French Quarter

I arrived into New Orleans friday evening and called up DJ to meet up who lives in houma which is about 45 min away. We ate at in the french quarter at Landry’s which is a chain of seafood restaurants in louisiana. After dinner we pretty much roamed around the french quarter. The french quarter is one of the coolest places ive ever been to. People and bars everywhere. Grabbed a few grenades and hurricanes (delicious alcoholic beverages). Went into one of DJ’s spots called the “Dungeon” which was a heavy metal bar. This place was pretty sketchy and held on to Dj’s shank just in case. It turned out to be all good. We even went into a voodoo shop and i happened to snap a few photos when i wasnt supposed to. i hope i dont get voodoo’d. At another bar, DJ was adamant about getting the top score on the boxing arcade and spent at $10-$15 smashing the speed bag. He topped the high score scale at 880! afterwards hit up a cowboy bar and DJ swore he once rode the bull at the highest speed for 8 seconds. but apparently when i was there watching he couldnt stay on for 5 seconds on the slowest speed.

WHO DAT NATION was yelling “WHO DAT, WHO DAT! WHO DAT SAY DEY GONNA BEAT THE SAINTS!? WHO DAT, WHO DAT!” in their way of rooting for their Super Bowl Bound Saints all weekend. Super bowl fever is all over the french quarter! On top of that, Mard Gras unofficially started that weekend and people already were throwing beads off the balcony’s!

After the first night, i found out that the french quarter is the funnest places to party in the world. Blocks and blocks of bars, neon lights, daiquiri’s, beautiful women, weirdo’s, and fun. the streets were filled with people left and right drinking happily and freely in the streets. By far one of the greatest cities ive ever been to! Now i came here by myself and managed to have one hell of a time, i can only imagine at the end of February when i come back here with co-workers on how crazy it will be.

Hang tight, my day 2 photos will be coming up next…


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