Mountain High.

Last weekend, tried to go to big bear for fresh powder that was dumped over the mountains from the huge storm we all lived through. So much snow dumped that pretty much all the roads up to big bear were closed so we had to settle to snowboard at mountain high… and SO DID THE WHOLE WORLD. what took a normal 15-20 min from the freeway exit to mountain high took a measly 4 hours. after 2 hours of waiting we gave up, not worth the 2 runs mountain high has to offer and i bet in a mosh pit like atmosphere. not cool. i wish mammoth was only 2 hours away.

But the big plus is that i got some really good photos of snow. especially photos of snow that usually doesnt cover the bottom of the mountains at mountain high, especially this time of year. by this time last year all you would need is flavored syrup to make slurpees with all the damn slush.